2 Most Popular Drones For Sale in Australia

If you are a Aussie drone Enthusiast, then you must be wondering what are the most popular drones for sale that you can buy down under. If that’s the case, then you have come to the right place. Why? Because I will tell you everything you need to know about the 2 best (and most popular of course) drones currently available for sale in Australia. Without further adue, let’s see which ones have been given the honor:


If you are looking for a premium drone with a relatively cheap price to it, then you can’t go wrong with the newest model coming from Yuneec. Yuneec Q500 is one of the drones with long flight time. They have been a steady “player” in the drone market and have released a couple of outstanding drones in recent time. Their newest one is bearing the flagship tag and there is no doubt that it’s a top-quality drone. When it comes to its specifications, it’s safe to say that it is nothing but brilliant. With maximum range of up to 600 meters and flight duration of cca 25 minutes, this bad boy has got you covered for all drone-relevant scenarios. In the package you will get a RTF ( ready-to-fly) along with the ST10+ ground station transmitter along with a built in touchscreen for maximum flying immersion. It is capable of providing you with an HD live video feed whose quality (along with range and control effectiveness) is nothing short of outstanding. As its name suggest, it is equipped with a top notch 4K camera which is not only capable of recording videos in 4K@30FPS but also slow motion 1080p videos in unbelievably smooth 120FPS.

Max range – up to 600 meters

Flight duration – 25 minutes

Price – $700


wltoys-v686g-featuredThis drone is for those who are looking for a greatly enjoyable flying experience but are not ready to make a huge dent in their budget. In other words, This DBPOWER’s budget drone offers great value for money and is an absolute champion in its price range. Why is that? Well, it is safe to say that it provides you with more functions, better specifications and overall superior build quality when compared to its price-range peers. With its HD camera, maximum distance of 100 meters and up to 9 minutes of flight time, you will have plenty of fun with it without having to splash out couple hundreds of dollars. With this being said, it is also important to mention that this drone features headless mode along with a 6-axis gyro stabilizer which drastically improves the general stability of the drone and smoothens out the recordings captured with its built-in camera. All things considered, for a price of $150 you will not be able to get your hands on a better piece of drone gadgetry than this one.

Max range – 100 meters

Flight duration – 6 to 9 minutes

Price – $150


There you have it guys! Those were the 2 most popular drones in Australia with the bestselling records in the Land Down Under. As you could see for yourself, both of them are packed with great features and outstanding specifications which means you will have a great time no matter which one you choose.

Overview of drone laws in Australia

In Australia, Government is no longer using term UAV to describe drones. Now, they are using term RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) in all official documents. That means, old (and now outdated) UAV Certificates will be replaced by the RePL (Remote Pilot Licence).

Regulations for small RPAs (under 2kg)

The Federal Government has recently changed some legalisation details about RPAs. Now, person is allowed to operate very small RPA( all RPAs under 2kg) without any certification. If it’s normally operated in standard RPA conditions these drones will be knows as an excluded aircrafts.

Here are rules to follow to stay into “standard RPA operating conditions”, which means you don’t need any kind of certification to fly your drone (if it’s under 2kg).

  • drone must be on visual line of sight of its pilot, all the time
  • flight height (altitude) must be below 400 ft AGL
  • drone flights are allowed only during day
  • you must keep your drone more than 30 meters away from anyonw who isn’t directly associated with the operation of drone

As you can see, most of rules are “natural”. I’d also like to add one tip : be careful with your drone when it’s windy outside. You could easily lose control over it which can finish as a crash. Most drones don’t survive crashes, which can result in big money loss plus potential damage on the ground.

Besides that, there are few restrictions you should be aware of.

Drone my NOT be operated :

  • over a metropolitan areas
  • withing 3 miles of the aerodrome
  • in a prohibited area
  • in areas that are classified as RA3
  • over an area where a fire, police or other public safety or emergency operations is being conducted

Last sentence is potentially controversial, you probably heard about some similar cases during last fire season here in Australia. Many drone pilots were using their drones to record fire and firefighter operations. Firefighters clams that drones interfere with their duties. Police even arrested 1 drone operator, he ended up paying $200 fine. Luckily, no one get hurted during that “dangerous” drone operations. In my opinion, operating a drone over a fire isn’t that dangerous at all, it can even be effective and helpful in some cases.





How much experience is required to become professional drone pilot?

Back in 2014 when I bought my first drone, I believed it will be too hard to start flying it good way. It was just too complicated, there was nobody to show me how to operate this crazy multirotor and tutorials on youtube wasn’t quite a popular as they are today. So, how can one learn how to operate drone without literally and instructions?


Well, later I found out it’s not that hard. It is slow, time consuming and potentially expensive. But it’s definitely possible. It took me few weeks to start feeling that I can fly it however I want, wherever I want. I can’t really remember name of mine first drone, but I know it was some cheap model. I believe it costed me only about $100, something like that. Luckily, today there are tens, if not hundreds of drones that cost less than $100. It’s always good for consumer to have several options. Don’t get distracted by all fancy features cheap drones today have, most of that is usefull marketing stuff. I mean, you can often see “1MP HD camera”. How can something with 1MP resolution be HD, can someone explan that to me? Also, they often list numerous of features like altitude hold, wind resistant, waterproof… Most of that is long way from truth.


Now back to original topic. In my case it took me few weeks to start feeling drone. I continued practicing on that cheap model for next several months and then finally bought my first professional drone. DJI Phantom 2. It was such a great drone back in the time, in fact, it still is. That was my first touch with aerial photography and videography. I started recording and editing footages and even made some money on it. So in my case it took me 6 months to go from total beginner to someone who’s making money on drones. It’s not that long, right?

Hello world, here’s drone lover from Australia!

Hey guys,

my name is John, I’m currently located in Australia. Since 2014, my biggest hobby is building and flying drones. I believe most of you have already heard about drones. That’s one of the most popular “toy” in last few years.. It’s interesting how many different types of drones are available on the market. For $50 you can buy some toy grade drone, while for few thousands dollars you an get hard core professional flying macine with more features than you can imagine. Thing is, since drones are very popular, people started doing thing they shouldn’t do. They fly drones in some dangerous areas, they put other people in danger.. and they do all sort of thing they shouldn do. Because of that, it’s important to clarify what are areas where you shouldn’t fly drones. Take a look at this vide, it should be very helpful :