Hello world, here’s drone lover from Australia!

Hey guys,

my name is John, I’m currently located in Australia. Since 2014, my biggest hobby is building and flying drones. I believe most of you have already heard about drones. That’s one of the most popular “toy” in last few years.. It’s interesting how many different types of drones are available on the market. For $50 you can buy some toy grade drone, while for few thousands dollars you an get hard core professional flying macine with more features than you can imagine. Thing is, since drones are very popular, people started doing thing they shouldn’t do. They fly drones in some dangerous areas, they put other people in danger.. and they do all sort of thing they shouldn do. Because of that, it’s important to clarify what are areas where you shouldn’t fly drones. Take a look at this vide, it should be very helpful :