How much experience is required to become professional drone pilot?

Back in 2014 when I bought my first drone, I believed it will be too hard to start flying it good way. It was just too complicated, there was nobody to show me how to operate this crazy multirotor and tutorials on youtube wasn’t quite a popular as they are today. So, how can one learn how to operate drone without literally and instructions?


Well, later I found out it’s not that hard. It is slow, time consuming and potentially expensive. But it’s definitely possible. It took me few weeks to start feeling that I can fly it however I want, wherever I want. I can’t really remember name of mine first drone, but I know it was some cheap model. I believe it costed me only about $100, something like that. Luckily, today there are tens, if not hundreds of drones that cost less than $100. It’s always good for consumer to have several options. Don’t get distracted by all fancy features cheap drones today have, most of that is usefull marketing stuff. I mean, you can often see “1MP HD camera”. How can something with 1MP resolution be HD, can someone explan that to me? Also, they often list numerous of features like altitude hold, wind resistant, waterproof… Most of that is long way from truth.


Now back to original topic. In my case it took me few weeks to start feeling drone. I continued practicing on that cheap model for next several months and then finally bought my first professional drone. DJI Phantom 2. It was such a great drone back in the time, in fact, it still is. That was my first touch with aerial photography and videography. I started recording and editing footages and even made some money on it.┬áSo in my case it took me 6 months to go from total beginner to someone who’s making money on drones. It’s not that long, right?